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Korea has several different insulin types available, as well as both vials and insulin pens. Insulin is available at pharmacies and can only be purchased with a valid prescription. Not all hospitals are able to prescribe all types of insulin, so sometimes it is worth asking at a smaller clinic for a specific insulin type if the bigger hospital is unable to prescribe the type you require. As insulin is an individually prescribed drug, sharing insulin supplies is not allowed.

Not all pharmacies carry all types of insulin, but the pharmacies near the bigger hospitals usually have most types available. Prices vary a bit from pharmacy to pharmacy, but the national insurance usually covers about 70% of the price of insulin.

Here are some example prices for insulin pens at a pharmacy:

Insulin NameAmountPrice with
National Insurance
Price without
Fiasp1 box of 5 pens₩ 16’100₩ 53’930
Apidra 1 box of 5 pens ₩ 15’000₩ 50’110
Novorapid 1 box of 5 pens ₩ 16’100₩ 53’810
Lantus 1 box of 5 pens ₩ 16’200₩ 54’150
Toujeo 1 box of 3 pens ₩ 17’500₩ 58’410
Tresiba 1 box of 5 pens ₩ 23’800₩ 79’480
Humalog 1 box of 5 pens ₩ 17’800₩ 59’480
Prices for boxes of insulin pens.

Prices for vials will be added in the near future if required.