FDA approves Medtronic's Enlite continuous glucose sensor - MassDevice

Medtronic offers 2 cgm systems in South Korea, both are funded partly by NHI. These are the Medtronic G3S and the Medtronic Enlite Enhanced. Medtronic also offers pumps in South Korea and combination packages of pumps and cgms, but for now I talking solely about their cgms.

Medtronic transmitters have a warranty of 1 year, so they do not need to be replaced every 3 months like Dexcom.

Medtronic do not offer the insurance service but the refund can be applied for as per the usual steps. To order a Medtronic cgm, contact their distributor of cgms and insulin pumps on 02-3411-2999. They also offer a troubleshooting service via Kakaotalk.

The costs for the different Medtronics cgms are below:

The yellow column on the right is the actual cost due for the patient after NHI refunds are received. Medtronic’s cgms are designed to work with their insulin pumps.

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