In Korea, Dexcom is sold by Huons, who also provide customer service and support for its customers. Just recently, Dexcom’s G5 cgm has been discontinued and currently, the newer G6 model is available.

The G6 is smaller and flatter than the previous G5 model. It still consists of 2 parts – A sensor and a transmitter. It has a sensor life of 10 days, as opposed to the previous 7 days. The transmitter lasts for 90 days. The G6 is approved to be used without calibrating each day. It also features a onestep easy applicator and connects via bluetooth to your smartphone or reader.

Huons’ website for purchasing Dexcom is

After working with the Korean Society of Type 1 Diabetes, Dexcom has also decided to lower the cost of G6 cgms. This means that the National Health Insurance now covers a bigger part of the cost and makes it more afforable for low-income earners.

As of July 1st, the price for transmitters was reduced from 280’000won to 210’000won and the price for sensors for 1 month (3 packs) was reduced from 381’000won to 300’000won. These prices are now in line with the maximum amount the National Health insurance can pay out. This means the total cost due to the buyer is now 63’000 won for the transmitter and 90’000 won for 3 sensors.

Previously, although the NHI was covering cgm costs up to 70%, due to the higher price, the total amount covered ended up being closer to 55-60%, but with the current price, 70% of the total cost can be covered by NHI.

While there are many different DIY apps available, in order to get customer support and assistance from Huons, the official Dexcom app has to be used.

Huons also assists with National Insurance refund, offering to provide a direct discount when the prescription is sent to their office, as opposed to customers having to buy products at full price and then applying for NHI refund separately. In order to do that, an account has to be made on the Huons website, so that a direct discount link can be provided after receipt of the prescription. Huons offers Kakaochat support for any issues and is incredibly helpful with any issues. While there is no English webpage available, Huons helps to guide people not fluent in Korean to the right steps.

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