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Glucose Monitors

Korea has several brands of glucose monitors available. Monitors, test strips and lancets can be easily purchased at most pharmacies without a prescription, as well as online. The Korean term for blood glucose monitor is 혈당측정기 and can be found on both coupang or naver.

If you are looking to get the costs of your test strips refunded by the national insurance, please see here what to look out for, especially when purchasing online.

Here are some examples of the popular or easily available brands in Korea:


Accu-Chek has several options available in Korea, such as Accu-Chek Active, Performa, Istant and Guide. The Accu-Chek Softclix and Softclix lancets can also be purchased here. Below are some examples from Coupang as a price guide:


There are a few different CareSens blood glucose monitors available here, such as Caresens N, including Caresens N Voice, Eco etc, Caresens || and Caresens Dual.


Contour® Glucose Meters can also be bought in Korea, especially Contour® Next and Contour® Plus. Test strips and lancets can also be found on Coupang and Naver. As always prices and delivery times can vary.

More overviews will be added soon.