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Medical checkups are important for diabetics and in Korea these are also partially funded by the National Health Insurance. They can vary between big hospitals and smaller clinics. Generally it is recommended to review diabetes management and check HbA1c every 3 months and to get an eye examination, as well as cholesterol or c-peptide check about once a year if no other concerns are raised at the time. Bigger hospitals may add other checks as well.

Costs also depend on each clinic, with big hospitals being more expensive than smaller clinics.

Below are example prices for examinations at a smaller clinic:

Examination TypePrice with
National Insurance
Price without
Hba1c Check₩ 2’349₩ 7’832
C-Peptide Check₩ 12’111₩ 3’633
Eye Examination₩ 3’601₩ 12’006
Cholesterol Check₩ 2’006₩ 6’688
Prices will vary depending on each clinic or hospital

Another example of a cost breakdown from a bigger clinic can be seen below. It is best to check with your local hospitals if you need to know the price in advance. 금액 is the full price of the test and the last 2 columns show the price breakdown: 본인부담금 is the cost that falls to the patient and 공단부담금 is the cost the insurance carries.

Further costs or example prices from hospitals will be added in the near future.