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Request For Type 1 Diabetes to be Recognized as ‘Severe Incurable Disease’ in Korea

The Korean Diabetes Association (KDA) held a press conference on January 19th to address an important issue in regards to how type 1 diabetes is classified. In Korea, type 2 diabetes is currently classified as a mild disease, and if there are complications, it can be treated as a serious disease. Type 1 however isContinue reading “Request For Type 1 Diabetes to be Recognized as ‘Severe Incurable Disease’ in Korea”

League of Diabetes – Recreational Events August 26th 2022

This month’s LOD meeting was inspiring and interesting! The main focus was on camps, activities and recreational events that organisations can do and how to best plan and execute their ideas. AGD Parma in Italy started off the meeting by telling us about their events and their ideas behind it, such as a meeting atContinue reading “League of Diabetes – Recreational Events August 26th 2022”

#ATTD2022 – CGM Top Tips – Balancing the Benefit/Burden Seesaw

The Advanced Treatments and Technologies for Diabetes 2022 had many amazing sessions. In this blog post we will review the discussion around diabetes technology and how one size fits nobody. Each person living with diabetes has their own life style and challenges to overcome, so we need individual solution to improve our personal quality ofContinue reading “#ATTD2022 – CGM Top Tips – Balancing the Benefit/Burden Seesaw”

#Dedoc Symposium – What We Wished You Knew – And Why

The first #Dedoc Symposium at ATTD2022 was just amazing. 3 wonderful and talented presenters gave us insights into topics such a open source automated insulin delivery, access to diabetes care as a human rights and the issue of language and stigma when talking about diabetes. Renza Scibilia from Diabetes Australia opened the session and introducedContinue reading “#Dedoc Symposium – What We Wished You Knew – And Why”

ATTD2022: #Dedoc Networking Event

On the 25th April 2022 the #Dedoc Voices Networking Event in preparation for #ATTD2022 was held via zoom. Many wonderful advocates from many different countries joined, as well as several partners, who made ATTD attendance possible thanks to their funding. They included representatives from Medtronic, Dexcom, Lilly and Diabeloop. The first presentation was by MaurizioContinue reading “ATTD2022: #Dedoc Networking Event”

Dedoc° Symposium at ISPAD 2021 – What We Wish You Knew – And Why

The Dedoc° Voices reached a milestone this year at ISPAD 2021. While ISPAD is a conference for healthcare professionals, the Dedoc° team were able to sponsor participants to take part and share the knowledge they have gained under the principle of Paying it Forward. They also held their #Docday° just outside the premises in previousContinue reading “Dedoc° Symposium at ISPAD 2021 – What We Wish You Knew – And Why”

League of Diathlete Symposium: Exercise Around the World

My favorite session so far was the League of Diathlete’s Symposium on exercise around the world. A panel of 7 speakers shared their experiences about exercise and diabetes management, risks and benefits of exercise, mental health and access. Gavin Griffith from the UK, who started the League of Diathletes, introduced the organisation and the speakers.Continue reading “League of Diathlete Symposium: Exercise Around the World”

DEDOC° Voices Networking Event – ISPAD 2021

Yesterday was the first meeting in regards to ISPAD 2021. Our #Dedoc° Voices Networking Event with our partners included representatives from Novo Nordisk, Diabeloop, Tandem and Ascensia, as well as questions sent by Eli Lilly. Dexcom and Medtronics also attended, showing their interest in the patient voice. We started with an introduction by Jamie Woods,Continue reading “DEDOC° Voices Networking Event – ISPAD 2021”